Angelina Love Won First TNA Knockouts Title While She Was Knocked Out

During the long history of TNA/Impact Wrestling, only two women have ever held the Impact Knockouts Championship six or more times. Gail Kim holds the record for the most reigns, with seven, but right behind her is Angelina Love, who won the Knockouts Championship six times in her career, and was the first Knockout to ever accomplish that feat.


In an interview with "WrestlingNewsCo," Love discussed some of her title victories, and which meant the most to her. It was then she discussed something about her first title victory that put a damper on the occasion.

"I would love to say that the first time I ever won the championship was, like, my best, most memorable win," Love said. "But I was completely unconscious on PPV when it happened. So it didn't quite go the way I pictured it in my head. But I'm definitely proud of that, because the time that I was in TNA was when we were rocking and rolling. 

"We were on Spike TV, and the Ultimate Fighter was on after us. WWE had gone PG, so everybody was going to TNA, where we were, especially Velvet and I, really pushing the envelope. To be able to have the height of my success at that time is just the best. It's awesome," said Love.


Love's first Knockouts title win came at Lockdown 2009 when she battled then-champion Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde in a three-way cage match. Towards the end of the bout, Wilde hit Love with a crossbody, leading to a long period where Love appeared to be unconscious. She would ultimately regain consciousness long enough to pin Wilde and win the title off a Kong big boot.

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