Angelo Dawkins On Potential WWE Singles Run And Street Profits Splitting Up

One of professional wrestling's most common tropes is that nearly all tag teams are destined to break up at some point. Rare exceptions such as The New Day do exist, but traditionally, the odds have heavily leaned towards the implosion of tag team partners. 


In recent years, many fans have pondered the idea of splitting up former "WWE Raw" Tag Team Champions The Street Profits. But much like The New Day, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins intend to support each other both as a team and as individuals.

During an appearance on "The Masked Man Show," Dawkins further explained their approach as a tag team. "I think everybody's just fascinated with everybody breaking up. They start out as groups and then they break off. And then you have that one dude who ascends big time. But for us, we're trying to, I guess, do what The New Day did," Dawkins said. 

"We always going to have each other's back. When [Montez is] doing his thing –- I remember he had the Elimination Chamber and he showed out and I was there for him. I was sending support and making sure he was good mentally and just ready to go and shock the world, which he did," said the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion.


While The Street Profits may each have individual moments in the spotlight, such as Ford's aforementioned performance in the 2023 Elimination Chamber, Dawkins insists that they don't need to break up to accomplish those singles successes. "I think we're good staying together and having each other's back and showing that we can still go for the same goals, whether we have a singles goal or as a tag team, obviously," Dawkins said.

Though The Street Profits are keen on staying together, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer believes an amicable separation may further propel them as singles competitors.

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