The Young Bucks' Nick Jackson Comes To Adam Page's Defense After CM Punk Interview

On Friday, CM Punk's first interview since disappearing from AEW programming in September 2022 was published by ESPN, causing a bit of a stir that was spurred by it being hyped up elsewhere the day before. The meatiest part of the article concerns Punk's issues with "Hangman" Adam Page.


Per the article, Punk felt that Page, by straying from the planned content of their talking segment on the Double or Nothing 2022 "go-home" episode of "Dynamite," abdicated the trust needed for their match a few days later. According to Punk, this was compounded by Page chopping him in the face during the match and chipping his tooth. Later on Friday, though, Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks seemingly responded in his own way by making a point of putting over Page as a human being in a disappearing "Story" on his Instagram account.

"Not only is he good at wrestling but he's an even better human being," Jackson wrote, closing the post by tagging Page's account.

The Bucks have been silent about Punk since their reported physical altercation with him after his comments during the post-All Out media scrum last September where he went off on them, among others. Though their talking head interviews on the "AEW All Access" reality show dealt with their subsequent suspension in broad terms, they were heavily edited to the point that if you didn't already know the story behind the scenes, you would have no idea what they were talking about. The Bucks and Kenny Omega were brought back from their suspensions after about two months, following an internal investigation into the incident was completed.