Eddie Kingston Corrects The Record On Who Is The GOAT (It's Not Bryan Danielson)

If you poll 100 wrestling fans about the "greatest of all time," chances are there will be nearly 100 different answers. Wrestling fans are passionate about their favorites, and AEW's Eddie Kingston is no different.


"Terry Funk's The GOAT, not Bryan Danielson, Schiavone!" Kingston scolded AEW broadcaster Tony Schiavone on a recent episode of "What Happened When." "Even if you're supposed to say it on TV, you f***." 

Schiavone apparently once referred to Danielson as "the greatest wrestler of all time" on commentary which prompted Kingston to reportedly text Schiavone, "It's Terry Funk, you f***." The story came up as the AEW star was preparing to show Schiavone and WHW co-host Conrad Thompson the 1999 match between Kenta Kobashi and Jun Akiyama.

Kingston has been a longtime antagonizer of Danielson. He has previously stated that the former WWE Champion is "a very judgmental person," while also saying that his friend Jon Moxley is starting to see the "real" Bryan Danielson as Danielson's supposedly admonishing tone makes itself more apparent with his Blackpool Combat Club comrades.


Kingston is currently in a nebulous place with AEW, having "quit" the company in storyline, before appearing in AEW's sister company Ring of Honor. Kingston has since appeared on AEW, attacking BCC member Claudio Castagnoli at the chaotic close of a last week's episode of "AEW Dynamite," but Kingston refers to himself as an "independent contractor." 

He recently underwent successful and quick surgery to repair a hernia in May, noting that he'd been wrestling with the injury since September 2022.