Edge Reflects On 25-Year Anniversary Of Televised Wrestling Debut In WWF

25 years ago today, WWE Hall of Famer Edge made his television debut. Feeling reflective, the "Rated-R Superstar" shared how grateful and thankful he has been for the entire journey in an emotional tweet. "25 years ago today was my first match as Edge on television. Millions of miles, millions of faces, amazing experiences, lots of injuries, accomplishments that didn't even exist when I started, but way more laughs than anything else," he began.


Yet it was his return at Royal Rumble 2020 that set off a second chance many, including himself, never thought he was going to get. After battling a series of neck injuries and undergoing multiple surgeries along the way, Edge announced his retirement on April 11, 2011, during an episode of "WWE Raw." From then on he would make sporadic appearances but never wrestle — until that magical night in Houston, Texas. "Having a second chance to do this has filled me with gratitude," he continued. And in doing so, he has been able to introduce himself to an entirely new set of fans, not to mention work with wrestlers he never had before. "That alone makes it a win."

Edge has only competed in five matches this year, one being the men's Royal Rumble in January. But he also got to work with his wife and fellow WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, teaming together at Elimination Chamber in February to defeat Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley. And while he knows retirement is on the horizon, he also understands how special it's been to be able to do this for a living, saying "I've been able to make a living doing the only job I ever dreamed of. I know how rare that is. Thanks for watching Edge all these years."