Update On Kenny Omega Following Forbidden Door 2023 Match With Will Ospreay

Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay wrestled a lengthy, highly-physical match last night at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, with Ospreay walking away as victor, the IWGP United States Championship in-hand. After a number of brutal-looking impacts, including Omega taking a particularly nasty landing on his neck, it would be a surprise if both men weren't banged up to some degree. However, it seems the initial belief is that Omega was able to come out of the match without any significant injuries. Speaking on "Wrestling Observer Radio," Bryan Alvarez shared what he'd heard from AEW sources.


"For those wondering, the word is that Kenny is okay," Alvarez said. "But I don't know if he's been checked out, I don't know if he's gotten X-rays. I mean, there have been many, many times where guys have taken bumps, they have decided they're okay, and it turns out there's a break or something. I would have that checked out, because that was brutal, right? That Tiger Driver on his neck."

Omega spoke out on social media this morning following the loss, with the AEW star acknowledging that Ospreay was "the better man" last night while also warning the champion to keep the title away from Don Callis. As for Ospreay, the U.K. native made it clear during the post-PPV media scrum that his schedule was wide open on August 27 for AEW's debut at Wembley Stadium in London, England. It remains to be seen if Omega is looking to pursue a third match against Ospreay, but All In would be a logical place to hold the culmination of this blood-soaked feud.