LA Knight Challenges King Charles To Fight In London During WWE UK Tour

One would think that LA Knight would be too busy to take on any more challenges for WWE Money in the Bank this weekend, what with him competing for the actual Money in the Bank briefcase and all. But the WWE star is open to putting in some extra work in London by issuing a challenge for what would certainly be a spectacle. Speaking with the "Daily Star" to promote Money in the Bank, Knight laid out the challenge to, arguably, the most well-known man in all of England, the top dog of the Royal Family.


"I gotta go to the top man and run for King Charles," Knight said. "I know he's old and beaten down and you know busted up, but I've got to take the crown." Not only will Knight not be getting the crown, due to him having no known blood connections with the Royal Family, but he is unlikely to get a match with Charles. While some wrestlers have continued to work into their 70s, including El Satanico in Mexico and most famously Ric Flair last year, the 74-year-old Charles seems an unlikely candidate to put on the wrestling boots for the first time, regardless of who challenges him.

As such, Knight will just have to settle for climbing that ladder on Saturday evening and grabbing the Money in the Bank briefcase to guarantee himself a future title shot. He'll have some stiff competition in attempting to do so however, with Ricochet, Shinsuke Nakamura, Butch, Damian Priest, Santos Escobar, and a returning Logal Paul all involved in the men's Money in the Bank ladder match.