Becky Lynch Doesn't Think Anyone Will Top Seth Rollins' WWE Money In The Bank Cash In

Becky Lynch has the chance to achieve a new accolade this weekend, winning Money In The Bank, however, she doesn't believe that she could achieve the greatest cash in even if she is able to win.

"I don't think anybody is going to be able to take that crown," Lynch said on "After The Bell" about Seth Rollins having the greatest cash in. "I think we accept it and we move on because that's just the way it is." Rollins' cash in at WrestleMania 31 was the first — and still only — time that the briefcase has been used at the "Grandest Stage Of Them All." However, it meant more to Lynch because of other variables outside of the sheer surprise of Rollins injecting himself into the main event at the last second.

"There is something to that because the first WrestleMania I went to, we were in "NXT" and we were brought up," Lynch said. "That was my first experience of WrestleMania live, in-person standing in the audience watching him ... Then I was there to feel the energy and so I think because that was my first experience of WrestleMania it really hit home." At the time, Lynch and Rollins were not romantically attached, but she did admit there was an emotional attachment due to them being friends, as she was happy for him. However, at this event the focus will be on her when it comes to the annual ladder matches, as she aims to get herself back into title contention with a win. "I would always try to have the best cash in in history," Lynch continued. "But I just think that crown, he has claimed that kingdom for eternity."

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