Fans React To Baron Corbin Bringing Back Lone Wolf Gimmick On WWE NXT

Last night on "WWE NXT," Baron Corbin returned to his former persona as "The Lone Wolf" for his "NXT" Championship match against Carmelo Hayes. Hayes defeated "The Lone Wolf," but Corbin garnered a lot of attention online due to the change, with the reaction largely positive.


"Rooting for his comeback! Let's go!" content creator Sancho West said.

"The Lone Wolf was my favorite gimmick so it's great to see him return to his OG NXT gimmick," stated @WayneBumpass on Twitter.

"It's about time," said @Wrestlingfan_73. "Major W." However, not all reactions to Corbin's return to "The Lone Wolf" were positive.

"Evolve the character," wrote @TheSuperKickPod on Twitter. "This is regressing. No thanks." While some want Corbin to push his character in a new direction, other fans are asking for the return of a different theme the WWE star previously used.

"Man... I was hoping he would've brought back the End of Days theme," wrote @Unknown_G1.

"[I] was hoping for the End of Days theme but still way better [than] that Happy theme," said @jsb0327.


In addition to the fans, a few wrestlers chimed in to share their thoughts on the latest developments with Corbin. That includes former WWE star Matthew Rehwoldt, formerly known as Aiden English, and Japanese-language commentator Funaki.

"My man [Baron Corbin] back to what he does best," Rehwoldt shared, posting a drink emoji along with his words.

"I like it!" Funaki wrote. "The Lone Wolf! Indeed!"