The Usos Reflect On Past DUI Issues, Explain Why It Didn't Stall Their WWE Careers

The Usos have been part of many of WWE's most significant moments over the past few years. As they are now embroiled in a feud with the face of WWE, Roman Reigns, the duo remains atop the card in the company despite the undeniably bumpy road they took to get there. In an interview with Ariel Helwani of BT Sports (transcribed by Fightful), The Usos detailed how their past DUIs impacted their careers and their standing within WWE.

"When we show up to work, we're there," Jimmy explained, "Everybody has their issues outside of work. Everybody is human and makes mistakes as they go through it. As long as you face the noise, that's something we always did." Owning up to their mistakes has always been something The Usos have been willing to do regardless of what that mistake may be. "Even if we get in trouble ... We always stood right in front of our mess, right in front of our noise, pushed through it, learned from it, and then keep it moving," Jimmy added, "That's always been our way."

The Usos have been one of the most must-see tag teams in WWE since their debut in 2010, though they didn't win their first set of tag team championships until four years later. Jey explained that, in a way, they made up for their mistakes by proving their worth as wrestlers and performers. "Whatever happened, the next night we go out there and let them know, 'no matter what happens, this is why we keep The Usos.'" Jey concluded by echoing his brother's earlier sentiments, stating, "We face the noise. Always stand together ... Everyone has something to say. You walk these shoes. You can't. It takes special people to do what we do."