Kevin Nash Says AEW's Kenny Omega Makes Too Much Money To Take Tiger Driver 91

There was plenty to love about AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door with Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega in particular stealing the show during their bout for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship. Yet it was the single moment of Ospreay driving Omega head-first into the mat with a brutal-looking Tiger Driver '91 that got many talking. With arguments about the spot primarily revolving around the safety of the move, Kevin Nash has weighed in against it for another reason.

"Kenny, you make way too much f***ing money to be taking that bump," he said on "Kliq This." "This is f***ing, this is heat ... I mean No. 1 — Ospreay's got serious heat with me 'cause he just almost crippled my favorite wrestler, which is — that's f***ed up."

And while Omega himself had no issue taking that bump, Nash does believe Ospreay made it less safe than it needed to be. "I'm gonna go with a Larry David on that. Pretty, pretty, pretty sure he f***ed that up," he added. "The cat up top [Mitsuharu Misawa] dropped him more at, I would say, maybe a 45-degree instead of f***ing just, basically just straight." 

And if it is Match of the Year they're after, Nash doesn't see the point. "Is it worth it, man?" he asked. "What does Match of the Year get you? ... Like, is there anything?"

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