Tony Schiavone Talks Bryan Danielson Working Forbidden Door With 'Severe Break' In Arm

Tony Schiavone has spent a lot of time in professional wrestling and therefore has a pretty solid sense of when a match or a show is going to be good, and this year's AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view immediately stood out to him on paper.

"I knew going in this was going to be something special," Schiavone said on "What Happened When."

The AEW broadcaster felt that Kazuchika Okada and Bryan Danielson obviously deserved to main event the show with their monumental clash, but added that Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega did a good job at attempting (and some would say, succeeding) to steal the show. However the significance of "The Rainmaker" versus "The American Dragon" was not lost on Schiavone.

"Being a part of an Okada match was one of those moments that you'll never forget," Schiavone continued, "and being a part of any Bryan Danielson match, especially when he worked the last part of that match with a broken arm ... he put that LeBell Lock on with a broken [arm] ... and he forces his hand to lock under that much pain. It's an unforgettable moment, it really is."

Schiavone described watching Danielson manage to utilize his submission arsenal with a broken arm, proving his superiority in the squared circle.

Danielson looks to be gone from in-ring action in AEW for a hefty part of the summer, thanks to the fracture in his arm, suffered from a freak accident during a routine elbow drop. Danielson's wife Brie Garcia shared a brutal x-ray image that showed the extent of the fracture, which was "worse than [they] thought."

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