Rebel Explains How Christy Hemme Made Her An Impact Performer Instead Of A Makeup Artist

While Rebel has become both a successful wrestling personality and hair/makeup artist behind the scenes, there was a point in time she was only considering one of those roles. And it was the latter, with Rebel believing that her fortunes laid offscreen instead of being on camera until one Christy Hemme stepped in. Talking with "Wilde On," the occasional AEW star revealed how everything changed when she called Hemme, an old friend of hers, to tell her about her plans to not pursue an in-ring career.

"She had become the director of the Knockouts, and I had decided that I no longer wanted to be in front of the camera, and I was going to be an artist behind the camera," Rebel said. "So I gave her a call and I said 'If you ever need a makeup and hair artist, you let me know.' And she said 'Oh my god, I have this perfect role for you.' And I was like 'No. I'm not being in front of the camera anymore. I'm behind the camera.'" According to Rebel, Hemme convinced her to give wrestling a try by telling her that doing so would open the door for her to get into the hair and makeup department. And as they say, the rest was history.

"My mom flew to LA to drive with me, to help move me to Louisville, Kentucky to train at OVW. I fell in love with wrestling on day one of training. And it was like, it was around February 14, so every Valentine's Day, I celebrate my love with wrestling. So they said 'If you want to stick around, learn how to wrestle...' That's what I did. I trained at OVW, and then never looked back."

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