Natalya On Being Proud Of Her Body Of Work In WWE

It's been a busy week for WWE star Natalya. In addition to receiving six Guinness World Record certificates over the weekend for various accomplishments in wrestling, Natalya also wrestled a match against Rhea Ripley at "WWE Raw" for the WWE Women's World Championship that reportedly impressed some company officials. Appearing on "Busted Open Radio," Natalya spoke about what she's been able to achieve throughout her career.

"For me, these records are just a testament to my body of work," Natalya said. "It's for the most matches overall for a woman in WWE, the most pay-per-view matches, the most WrestleMania matches, the most wins, the most 'Raw' matches, and the most 'SmackDown' matches, which just means 16 uninterrupted years in WWE, with one injury. ... I'm not one to toot my own horn, but sometimes you gotta step back and go, 'Hey, I'm really proud of you.' I'm really proud that I've had the longevity, and the endurance, and the perseverance to go at the level that I've gone at."

The WWE star stated that what wrestlers do is not easy, and life on the road year-round features many ups and downs. However, for Natalya, the hard work makes it feel all the more rewarding to be recognized.

"That feeling of being honored and recognized was just so great," Natalya continued. "Bianca Belair was so supportive. She was like, 'Natty, this is something we need to talk about more with you.'"

'Natty's Back'

Natalya stated that she didn't want to come across as though she was bragging by talking about her accomplishments, and shared that the support from her fellow performers has made the experience very special. Prior to this week, the WWE veteran's confidence seems to have been shaken.

"When I think about the match that I had with Rhea on Monday night, you know — I went into that match — for the last month or so, my confidence had been rocked," Natalya said. "After Night of Champions and Saudi Arabia, it was just a really hard time for me, because I was starting to feel like maybe I wasn't good enough. Maybe I couldn't hang. And then going into that match and performing at that level, I just stopped and reminded everybody not only have I fought to be here and have the right to be here, but I can hang at the very highest level."

Natalya stated that not only could she stand up with the best women the company has to offer, but she can help bring them to their most enjoyable matches for the fans. Looking ahead, the 41-year-old veteran of the Hart Dungeon doesn't seem to be contemplating retirement any time soon.

"I'm very, very excited to see where I go from here, because now it's like, 'Natty's back,'" Natalya continued. "It's time for me to be at the top of the game again. I am a top-level performer in WWE, so I was really happy that I could show that."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Busted Open Radio" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.