Arn Anderson Recalls Early Days Of Stone Cold Steve Austin's Career

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin may be one of the biggest names in professional wrestling, but he didn't start that way. Before he was the "Texas Rattlesnake" and even before he was a Hollywood Blond, Austin was part of the treacherous stable known as the Dangerous Alliance under the guidance of Paul Heyman. 

But the "Mad Scientist of Extreme" wasn't the only person "Stunning Steve" learned from during his early days in WCW. Arn Anderson was also a part of that group and he recently shared some memories about their time together.

On the latest episode of "The Arn Show," the legendary Horseman addressed a recent retweet from his old friend and fellow WWE Hall of Famer. Austin shared a clip where "The Enforcer" discussed the time when the two faced off in Japan. Not only did he confirm that they weren't at their best, but "The Bionic Redneck" also recalled a quote that Anderson used to tease him with.

"I used to tell him all the time with me out there bouncing around the ring," remembered the host. "I'd say, 'Jesus Christ, Austin, there's a million dollars worth of talent in here and you.' He validated what a stinker that was. Boy, it was terrible. I mean, 13 hours of drinking as hard as you can [on a flight], thinking you're gonna go sit in a sauna, steam room, and Polar Plunge [only to] find out you're going to TV to fight one of your partners on Japanese television straight from the airport. That was a nightmare."

Positive Re-Enforcer

Arn Anderson didn't just look back favorably on the drinking stories or the shenanigans abroad. He took some time on his podcast to acknowledge how great it was to be there at the very beginning as Steve Austin blossomed into the superstar that the history books would remember today and beyond.

"I saw you when you were struggling and you first started in the business," he said. "I saw what your work rate was and your attitude and all those positive things. Forget it. Forget your talent. Just all those intangibles that you had at the time. I saw you when you were first starting and I watched your growth and I saw you where you ended up. Nobody could be happier for you than me. I'm glad you have all had all the success that you've had."

Though their partnership didn't last very long, it's clear that Anderson and Austin have a great deal of respect for one another. It's also obvious why WWE and AEW utilized the "Master of the Spine Buster" in a coaching or managerial role after he hung up his boots, and hopefully, Anderson will have a hand in shaping more of the future greats of the squared circle.