Why Bully Ray Wants AEW To Produce A Dedicated Ring Of Honor Show

This past Saturday, the third episode of "AEW Collision" featured a massive main event in the form of CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe, competing in the Owen Hart Foundation Men's Tournament. For the first time in his career, Punk was able to overcome Joe in a singles match, moving on to the next round of the tournament.

Speaking on today's "Busted Open Radio," host Bully Ray stated that the long-awaited Punk-Joe rematch should have taken place on a Ring of Honor stage rather than "Collision." Additionally, Bully sees an opportunity for Ring of Honor to occupy a bigger platform in general.

"If you bought Ring of Honor, what did you buy it for?" Bully said. "I could sit here and tell you all day long, it was bought because of the library. Now you have a product that you're putting out there, every once in a while there is a pay-per-view. But I'd love to see a show dedicated to Ring of Honor. If you bought this company, you must have faith in this company. If you bought up some of the talent, you must have faith in some of the talent. And what a great way to break up three days of AEW television but with a Ring of Honor show."

For comparison, Bully stated that "WWE NXT" is a fundamentally different product than the company's main roster shows. According to Bully, AEW has the opportunity to do the same thing with Ring of Honor.

Ring of Honor does currently have a weekly show on its own streaming platform. The show, known as "ROH on HonorClub," is sometimes taped in a studio, and other times is taped during "AEW Dynamite" or "Collision" events.