Why WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Calls Vince McMahon A 'Father Figure'

From John Cena and The Undertaker to Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins, WWE superstars past and present have often described their relationship with Vince McMahon as a loving one. Some have even gone on to describe him as a "father figure," and you can add WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash to that list. On a recent episode of "Kliq This," he touched on why he wishes the Executive Chairman a "Happy Father's Day" and "Happy Birthday" every year while discussing how their relationship has progressed over the years.

"Not to keep it respectful, it's just because he was, you know, he was like a father figure to me," Nash said. "Especially as we've gotten older, you know? I always make sure that I wish him a 'Happy Birthday.'"

Nash has wrestled and worked for WWE on multiple occasions, last appearing on-screen during the "WWE Raw Reunion" show in 2019, before being inducted into the Hall of Fame for a second time in 2020. While his first induction was as an individual, the second was to honor his time as a member of the NWO. His last in-ring appearance for the company came in 2014, when he entered the Royal Rumble.

So over the years, they've continued to stay in touch. And Nash believes their relationship is all the stronger for it. "Yes," he responded when asked if McMahon always gives him the time. "I think he knows that I generally — you know when somebody generally likes you — and I know he knows I genuinely like him as a human being."

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