Grayson Waller Exchanges Twitter Barbs With The Rock After Comparing Their MSG Debuts

After rubbing shoulders with John Cena in London and wrestling Edge at Madison Square Garden within a span of a few weeks, Grayson Waller is clearly on cloud nine and feeling as pompous as ever. On Wednesday night, Waller had the audacity to trash talk The Rock, albeit on social media, as he compared his own MSG debut to that of "The Great One" at the 1996 Survivor Series.

Through a short video clip, Waller held up the colorful outfit donned by Rocky Maivia in his debut match, mocking the same by wearing it himself. "Oh my god, this is so cringe! Can you smell what I'm cooking?" Waller said to end the video. 

In response, The Rock admitted that his debut outfit — which he previously referred to as an "arts & crafts ring outfit from Michael's" – was cringe, but proceeded to put Waller in his place in ways that only he could. 

"Man you're right!" The Rock responded on Twitter. "That outfit was so cringe 😂👏🏾👏🏾 Here's what's more cringe – the fact you look and sound like you dropped out of some jabroni's balloon knot. Nice haircut, you Outback Jack Off.

Ps, my cringe debut outfit was all @TripleH 's idea 🤣"

In response, Waller invited The Rock to his Grayson Waller Effect talk show, suggesting that Dwayne Johnson could use the "Grayson Waller rub" to get his movie career back on track.

Clearly, Waller is on a mission to make a name for himself at the expense of the legends of the past. Some fans on social media believe Waller berating older wrestlers could become a part of his gimmick, a lot like younger versions of Randy Orton and Chris Jericho. There are some fans who are already expecting some sort of interaction between Waller and The Rock at WrestleMania 40, where the latter is rumored to appear in some capacity.