Don Callis Says He Will Be At AAA TripleMania To Help Kenny Omega Lose

Don Callis will be present at AAA's TripleMania XXXI: Tijuana Saturday night to stand alongside AAA Mega Champion El Hijo del Vikingo. In a backstage interview posted by AAA, Callis spoke to Tony Schiavone and embellished that Kenny Omega has gone 0-4 in his last four big matches since "betraying" Callis. He then said that he gave Vikingo the "secret sauce" to make it 0-5 for Omega, before ultimately announcing that he would be with Vikingo in Tijuana.

Omega and Vikingo's match will mark the second match ever between the two, with their first taking place on "AEW Dynamite" in March. Their match at TripleMania will be for Vikingo's championship, which was previously held by Omega. Omega was set to defend it against Vikingo at the end of 2021, but the match was called off due to Omega taking time off to recover from injuries.

TripleMania XXXI: Tijuana will also feature AEW's Pentagon Jr and Q.T. Marshall facing off in an ambulance match after Marshall was revealed to be Pentagon's long-time stalker. Rush will also be on the card as part of the Guerra de Rivalidades tournament final, where he will team up with L.A. Park. There was some doubt about this match after Rush announced his departure from AAA in June.