Eric Bischoff Speculates WBD Wants More AEW PPVs Because They Own Part Of The Company

Reports emerged recently that Warner Bros. Discovery is seeking to expand AEW's pay-per-view schedule in the current round of media rights talks between the two. The report indicated that WBD was pushing for a transition to a one PPV per month schedule, similar to WWE's monthly premium live events. On "Strictly Business," Eric Bischoff pitched in his two cents as to why WBD would want more PPVs for AEW.


"My first thought is why? Why would Warner Discovery ... encourage AEW to produce more pay-per-views?" he said. Bischoff elaborated stating, "My guess is because Warner Discovery owns a piece, and they see the revenue and they want a share in it. I'm guessing they do right now ... I'm guessing that ... Warner Discovery ... probably owns a piece of AEW, that's part of their overall deal. And as such, sees revenue potential there that is readily available and they want at it. I'm more convinced now, just based on that question."

AEW's current talks with WBD have created much speculation regarding the future of AEW's PPVs beyond them potentially running an expanded schedule. Speculation has heavily revolved around AEW's upcoming All In, which will take place just one week before All Out. Reporting recently came out that All In would still be sold as a PPV despite its proximity to the All Out PPV.


The expanded schedule reportedly encouraged by WBD has caused some speculation that a new deal could see AEW PPVs make their way to Max, WBD's streaming service, in a similar fashion to WWE's PLEs on Peacock.