Eric Young Returns To Impact Wrestling At Slammiversary 2023

Following earlier reports that he had left WWE, former Impact World Champion Eric Young has returned to Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary. At the event, Young was revealed to be Scott D'Amore's mystery partner against the team of Bully Ray and Cody Deaner. Young, alongside D'Amore, came out on top in his return match to the promotion.

Young's return came as something of a shock for Deaner, who had previously stabbed Young to death on-screen as a way to write Young off of Impact programming. Around the start of the year, Young returned to WWE but never appeared on-screen. Young had previously been a part of the WWE roster on "WWE NXT," where he was part of the SAnitY stable.

The short-lived return to WWE for Young was reportedly cut short due to the return of Vince McMahon. Plans for Young were apparently in place for the period after WrestleMania 39, but McMahon's return to the company came alongside news of the WWE-UFC merger, which emerged the day after WrestleMania.