WWE Files Trademark On NXT Performer's New Ring Name

Last week, WWE filed to trademark the name Karmen Petrovic. That filing came only a day before recruit Monika Klisara changed her name to that on her social media platforms, signaling that she would be adopting the Karmen Petrovic persona.

Klisara, who is of Serbian-Croatian descent and was born in the Balkans, emigrated to Canada when she was a child and took up karate at an early age. She would have a successful martial arts career, later competing with the Canadian national team. While Klisara has said she reported to the WWE Performance Center in September, she was officially announced as having signed with WWE in November 2022, after participating in a tryout at WrestleMania 38.

Klisara has yet to be seen on "NXT," but she has been an active presence on social media. There, she discusses things such as her favorite WWE match and has even singled out the Quentin Tarantino film "Kill Bill" as an inspiration for her coming character. While the trademark would suggest that Klisara's debut is imminent, there has been no indication just when she will be appearing on "NXT" or any other WWE programming.