WWE Backstage Correspondent Megan Morant Discusses Decision To Donate Her Kidney

Last week, we learned that WWE backstage correspondent Megan Morant would be donating her kidney to help improve the lives of several people. Her journey started late last year when she learned that her friend and colleague needed a transplant. While they ended up being incompatible, Morant worked with the National Kidney Registry to help an anonymous recipient and her former employer's wife, Margaret, who was entering into kidney failure. Now, the broadcaster has provided an update on her situation.

While appearing on "Ten Count," Morant recounted the process leading up to her life-saving donation. She shared how supportive WWE was, how it managed to fit the procedure into her hectic schedule, and the next steps in the process.

"I started testing in November, [then] I got the news in April that I was a candidate to donate," Morant said. "This is where we had to kind of get creative because my WWE travel schedule didn't really allow for me to have a lot of free time.

Michael Cole's Personal Connection

"Thankfully, my boss Michael Cole's wife actually received a kidney 21 years ago," Morant continued. "She received a living donation, so when I told Cole about this, he was touched honored and so supportive. He said, 'Let me know what you need and we'll figure it out. 'I was concerned about the trip to London [for Money in the Bank] and so we arranged [my donation] around that ... I donated my left kidney to an anonymous recipient [at] UCLA. It's making urine and the recipient is doing awesome. Now in return, Margaret will get her kidney as well ... She doesn't have it yet, but hopefully by the end of summer. They say up to six months, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that it will be sooner."

After doing extensive research about kidney donation to determine if she can still have children and run marathons afterward, the host of "Raw Talk," "Smackdown Lowdown," and the all-new "WWE Raw Sidecast" on Twitch decided that she was the perfect candidate.

If you are considering becoming a kidney donor, you can visit Kidney.org for more information.