Grayson Waller Compares AJ Styles To Popular Children's Show: 'They're Both Overrated'

Grayson Waller isn't afraid to fight, whether it be in the ring or on social media. While Waller has instigated scuffles with the likes of Edge and John Cena in recent weeks, the Australian performer has now turned his attention back to AJ Styles, whom he previously feuded with in late-2021 and early 2022. Following Friday's episode of "WWE SmackDown" in Orlando, Styles defeated Waller in a dark match. Despite his loss, though, Waller insists that "The Phenomenal One" is "overrated."

In a new video shared on Waller's Twitter, the Australian star can be seen making his way to the ring prior to his match against Styles. As Waller rounded one of the ring's corners, he noticed a fan holding up a foil balloon shaped like Bingo Heeler — one of the main characters in the Australian children's television show "Bluey." After the fan passed off the balloon to Waller, the WWE Superstar initially seemed amused by the gesture when his face became plastered with a smile. That smile quickly faded though, as he ripped the balloon in half and threw it back into the audience.

According to Waller, the "Bluey" television show is also quite comparable to his rival, AJ Styles. "Bluey and AJ Styles have a lot in common! They're both overrated," Waller tweeted, before adding, "Also I hope @JohnnyGargano saw this." The latter statement serves as a reference to Waller's recent feud against Johnny Gargano in the lead-up to "NXT" Stand & Deliver 2023.

Shortly after Waller delivered his diss to Styles, O.C. member Mia Yim chimed in by quote tweeting Waller's statement with the popular "Not on my watch" meme.