Tony Schiavone Praises Adam Cole And MJF's AEW Tag Team

The surprise duo of Adam Cole and MJF has proven to be a real hit with AEW fans as the former opponents have become a babyface unit during their time together. But it's not just the fans who have been impressed by their partnership.

"Oh, I think they're great," AEW broadcaster Tony Schiavone admitted on the latest "What Happened When" podcast. 

Both Cole and MJF have often been confrontational in their past interactions with Schiavone, dishing out a helping verbal abuse whenever they cross paths. On his end, Schiavone has made no secret of his dislike of MJF and his heel antics. However, when it comes to Cole, their on-screen heat stems from Schiavone's friendship with Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. 

"I don't hate him," Schiavone said of Cole. "I can see why he would hate me because, in reality, his girlfriend likes me more than she likes him — that's the way it is."

Cole and MJF were thrust together as part of the Blind Eliminator Tournament to find new No. 1 contenders for the AEW World Tag Team Championship. Despite the fact they didn't like each other at the start, Cole and MJF managed to advance through the bracket and won the whole thing. Last weekend, they got their shot at FTR's belts on "AEW Collision," ultimately falling short. But what they've also done together outside of the ring in backstage segments has played a key role in their popularity with the fans throughout this run.

Cole and MJF have spent time getting to know each other better and forming a bond while playing video games, grabbing something to eat, and having a few drinks. That eventually morphed into them selling merch for their pairing, wearing matching ring gear, and finally uniting on a double clothesline finisher.

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