Ahmed Johnson Discusses Beef With Yokozuna During WWE Years

During his short, yet memorable run in WWE during the 1990s, Ahmed Johnson experienced what he describes as a lot of jealousy, which he attributed to his quick push out of the gate. According to Johnson, some members of the WWE locker room were so jealous of him that they didn't try to help him improve, with Scott Hall being the only name Johnson would list as giving him advice following matches. All of this helped contribute, in Johnson's view, to his reputation for being "difficult" backstage.

In an appearance on "Ten Count," Johnson highlighted a time when that jealousy was on display: when he bodyslammed Yokozuna in his WWE TV debut. It's a moment Johnson initially wasn't expecting, and one Yokozuna wasn't all that excited for.

"Vince calls me up and said, 'I want you to go down, do a run-in. I want you to slam Yoko,'" Johnson recalled. "Vince didn't say 'Could I?' He said, 'I want you to.' So I went to Yoko and told Yoko that 'Vince wants me to slam you.'

"And Yoko and them were very jealous at the time ... I came from nowhere and ended up on top of the card. So Yoko says, 'Well, I hope you can get me up because I'm not going to jump for you.' I was like, 'Damn, it's like that, huh?' When I got to the ring, I was so fired up. It took everything I had to get him up and over, but I did it. I was just determined to get him up no matter what."

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