Buddy Matthews Comments On AEW Collision Injury

Professional Wrestling is full of hazards, especially in dangerous matches like Ladder Matches. During last night's ladder match for the mask of Andrade El Idolo on "AEW Collision," Buddy Matthews suffered a separated shoulder and had a ringside medic pop his appendage back in place, as opposed to stopping the match. 

"Never question if I give you my all," Matthews said on Twitter, sharing a GIF of his gruesome treatment. Matthews was ultimately unsuccessful despite the help of the ringside medic, as well as in-ring help from Julia Hart, which backfired when Matthews ended up handcuffed to the ropes. Andrade won the match, reclaiming the mask that House of Black stole from him while Matthews looked on helplessly.

Despite the bad outcome, the fighting spirit that Matthews displayed lends credence to a recent interview from Malakai Black. The House of Black leader believes that fans have been sleeping on Matthews's talent and determination.

"When it comes to the sheer ability and athleticism, I think Buddy Matthews is one of the best in this current era," Black said recently. "And not because we're in a group, not because he's one of my best friends, but just from a pro wrestling standpoint from being in the ring with him."

Matthews credits his ability with a shared perfectionism within House of Black.

"We're all perfectionists," Matthews said recently. "We're looking for the best outcome. If anyone, you know, goes off track, we will police ourselves and get the other one back, whether it's Brody, myself, or Malakai."