Bobby Buffet Gives Update On Activities Since Monster Factory Docu-Series

Earlier this year, a new docu-series debuted on Apple TV+, titled "Monster Factory." The show focused on a class of recruits at the Monster Factory wrestling training school in New Jersey, with one of the standouts being a performer known as Bobby Buffet. The first season of "Monster Factory" culminated in Buffet wrestling a big match at the iconic 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Appearing on "Busted Open Radio," Buffet provided an update on his career following the spotlight on TV.


"So much, like tremendously, and a lot for the better," Buffet said when asked about changes in his life since the end of shooting. "I've lost probably about 40 [or] 50 pounds since the [show came] out. ... I feel like in the ring I've gotten a lot better. Obviously, that comes with more experience [and] time."

Buffet stated that, despite the many changes in his life since, it felt like very little time had passed since the show finished filming. Additionally, the young performer revealed that he didn't see "Monster Factory" as an opportunity for his big break, but his role in the show wound up helping his career in a major way.

"It's gotten me a lot of publicity. It's gotten me a lot of bookings, which is great," Buffet continued. "But I always kind of figure, you know — keep putting the pedal to the metal, because when people look at the show, and then they look back at you now, they'll see that you're putting in a lot of work still. Never let off the gas."


Buffet is active in the northeastern United States independent wrestling scene, but has yet to break out into a major company after being featured in "Monster Factory." However, Buffet has made it clear that he'll continue putting work in until it happens.