Maxxine Dupri Wins First Singles Match On WWE Raw With Legendary Ocean Cyclone Suplex

Maxxine Dupri scored the win in the first singles match of her professional wrestling career.

She called upon the finishing move of one of wrestling's all-time greats to finish off Valhalla in their match on Monday night's "WWE Raw." Dupri's offense was simple at first, consisting mostly of arm drags along, a fisherman's suplex, and a variation of The Caterpillar frequently utilized by Otis. But Dupri saved her best for last. The finale of the three-and-a-half-minute contest saw her unleash a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex, adding a bridge to secure the pin.

The Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex was innovated and popularized by Manami Toyota. The Japanese wrestling legend is widely considered to be one of the greatest performers – regardless of gender – to ever step foot inside the squared circle. She retired from full-time wrestling in 2017 after a 30-year career.

In stark comparison, Monday's match is only the second of Dupri's career. She tagged with Alpha Academy to defeat the Viking Raiders and Valhalla to win a mixed tag team match on "Raw" earlier this month. Dupri was called up from "NXT" in July 2022, without having wrestled a single match while in WWE's developmental system.