Maxxine Dupri Wrestles First Match Of Her Career On WWE Raw

WWE has been teasing the in-ring debut of Maxxine Dupri for weeks. On Monday night, it finally happened when Alpha Academy along with Dupri took on the Viking Raiders and Valhalla in a six-person tag team match.

In the closing stages of the matchup,  Chad Gable made the hot tag to Dupri as Ivar tagged in Valhalla, and we were off. She managed to get in a couple of arm drags before hitting a Gable-inspired vertical suplex, much to the delight of the crowd in Baltimore, Maryland.

While Dupri wasn't able to complete her attempt at the worm when Otis signaled for one, Valhalla's offense was short-lived. After being backed into a corner, she managed to counter one last Valhalla attack with a quick-thinking roll-up, picking up the victory in the process.

Dupri joined Alpha Academy on a May episode of "Raw,", leaving her former clients from Maximum Male Models in the dust. In the weeks since then, she's been seen training with Gable and Otis in preparation for her in-ring debut. And on Monday night, it couldn't have gone any better.