Jim Ross Pulls Back The Curtain On WWE Brawl For All Idea He Now Calls 'A Disaster'

25 years after it took place, WWE's Brawl for All remains a hot topic among wrestling fans and pundits, with a "Dark Side of the Ring" episode even made on it. Jim Ross made his thoughts on Brawl for All known during that episode and prior to it, and he has once again criticized the infamous shoot-fight tournament.

In a recent episode of "Grilling JR," Ross went a bit more in-depth in his criticism of the tournament, even admitting that when it was first pitched, he didn't think it was the worst thing he had ever heard.

"When I first heard the concept, I was intrigued. I was curious," Ross said. "Little did I know that it be such a disaster with so many injuries, medical bills, talents getting embarrassed. It didn't have an upside. I think it was a very poorly-kept secret that Bart Gunn was the cream of the crop, even though many of my detractors thought that I had loaded the tournament so 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams could win it, and that's total b******t. I had nothing to do with the bracketing and who fought who or whatever. But it's good a story, but it's just not accurate."

Despite that, Ross admitted that he and others in WWE were hoping that Williams, the former All Japan Triple Crown Champion, would prevail in the competition, setting up a potential big main event match.

"We just looked at it as a unique way of introducing Doc," Ross said. "The goal, if we could get there, was to get a one-off with Doc vs. Austin. But we never got that far down the road. It blew up on us."

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