Seth Rollins On Why WWE Storyline With Real-Life Wife Becky Lynch Didn't Work

Shortly after revealing their relationship to the public, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch began working together on-screen in WWE. The 2019 storyline, which also involved Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin, lasted only a few weeks though, as Lynch and Rollins eventually went back to separate paths. Looking back on it, Lynch previously expressed some criticism, citing her concerns over having their relationship put at the forefront of the program. In hindsight, Lynch would've liked it if fans focused on herself and Rollins as just "two people at the top of their game fighting side-by-side."

Speaking with SHAK Wrestling, Rollins provided his perspective on their brief storyline.

"Our characters were in totally different places at the time. Our mindsets, just as human beings, were in totally different places at the time," Rollins said. "I was struggling. I didn't know who I was on screen, off-screen. I was going through a lot of self-doubt and depression. So for me, I was just kind of letting it all fly hoping something would stick, hoping I can catch on to something and I thought it would be good for all people involved."

"For [Becky], her character was in a different place. She was in a different stratosphere and it was hard for her to manage what her character was on screen as 'The Man,' as this female badass 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin type character, and then on the flip side of that having a husband and a love interest and all that."

Blending Fiction and Reality

"That kind of was hard for her to put together on screen." Rollins continued. "For me, I'm always like, 'Let's go with the flow.' I'm not quite as protective as she is in that regard, probably to my own detriment in some cases, but it's one of those things where when you take your relationship and you turn it into a story, it becomes difficult because it's hard for our audience occasionally to separate fiction from reality and at the same time, our business is built on blending fiction and reality. So that kind of diametric force that is sort of pulling and pushing all the time can create a bit of a struggle."

While their original program didn't pan out exactly how they envisioned it, Rollins admitted that he is open to giving it a second try in the future. At the same time, though, Rollins is confident that their characters can carry out their own individual stories as "The Man" and "The Visionary," respectively.

At this moment, Lynch finds herself in the midst of a feud with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus while Rollins will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Finn Balor at WWE SummerSlam on Saturday.

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