Report: WWE Title Reign Will End 'Whenever Roman Reigns And Paul Heyman F***in' Say'

It isn't really in much dispute that Roman Reigns has been the man WWE has centered around for the past three years. After a years-long babyface run that most fans seemed to hate, Reigns finally reached his full potential in 2020 after turning heel and joining up with Paul Heyman, trading in the "Big Dog" persona for the "Tribal Chief." Reigns has held the Universal Championship since Payback 2020, and added the WWE Championship to his trophy case at WrestleMania 38, becoming the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion.

With Reigns now having held a top prize in WWE for well over 1000 days, many fans are wondering when he'll finally drop the strap(s). While Reigns defends tonight at SummmerSlam against Jey Uso, a new report by Fightful Select bluntly asserts that behind-the-scenes, when Reigns' title changes hands is basically up to him. According to an unnamed WWE higher-up, Reigns' time on top will conclude "whenever Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman say it f***in' ends."

"They are constantly looking at every possibility. When they think it's the very best thing for business, they'll know to switch it up, do it right, and really make someone doing it," the higher-up reportedly said. The report also says that Cody Rhodes losing at WrestleMania 39 was planned well in advance, and that as of that event, no plans were in place to have Reigns' reign end. However, whether that means fans should expect Reigns to beat Uso tonight is unclear.