Damage CTRL Explain Why Dakota Kai Had To Be At WWE SummerSlam 2023

A year after their debut at WWE SummerSlam 2022, Damage CTRL reunites to celebrate IYO SKY's massive title win at SummerSlam 2023. Moments after Bianca Belair defeated Charlotte Flair and Asuka to win the WWE Women's Championship, "The Genius Of The Sky" emerged with her Money in the Bank briefcase in hand, ready to cash in. With the added help of Bayley at ringside, SKY's path to victory was clear, as she struck Belair's damaged knee with the briefcase and hit her with a Moonsault to secure her position as the new WWE Women's Champion. Following SKY's successful Money in the Bank cash-in, Dakota Kai joined her fellow Damage CTRL stablemates in the ring to congratulate SKY on her victory.

For the post-SummerSlam press conference, all three members of Damage CTRL were present to discuss SKY's title win and how meaningful it was to celebrate the moment all together. Kai, of course, has not been seen since the May 12 edition of "WWE SmackDown," which is the same night she sustained a torn ACL. Despite her injury, though, Kai was adamant about being there person for SKY's title win. 

"So I came because this is such a big moment for [IYO] and us as a group," Kai said. I'm still a ways away from being in-ring cleared, but I had to be here for her tonight. This is a crazy accomplishment for her representing us as Damage CTRL."

Full-Circle Moment

Bayley, a former "SmackDown" and "Raw" Women's Champion, echoed similar sentiments. "A year ago we set out this goal of what we wanted to do and the whole year was so many waves of emotion, so many different things happened. We lost Dakota a couple of months ago, just such a downfall. We had so many highs, so many lows, but we still stuck together. We're still here right now, a year later," Bayley said. "And the fact that [IYO] walked out – first of all, [winning Money in the Bank] was a big deal, and the fact that she walked out with [the WWE Women's Championship] tonight, beating Bianca Belair, who we confronted last year, brought it all back around, is magic."

SKY, who was seated in the middle of her Damage CTRL partners, issued thanks to both Kai and Bayley for their continued support, crediting them for helping her win her first singles title on WWE's main roster. 

While Kai later stated she wouldn't be back in the ring until 2024, Damage CTRL is keen on adding more championship gold to their collection as Bayley expressed her aim for the trio to also reclaim to WWE Women's Tag Team Championships upon Kai's eventual return.