Slim Jim 'Ecstatic' With LA Knight, Also Requested Former Champion

Slim Jim played a big part in WWE SummerSlam this year with the company sponsoring the battle royal match while also having an advert during the show featuring LA Knight and Bianca Belair. According to Fightful Select, the sponsorship was "huge," although no official number was provided.


WWE has been using sponsorships a lot more in recent times for premium live events, with WWE having sponsors run around the LED boards outside the ring during the show. There have also been specific matches that have been sponsored, such as LA Knight's Pitch Black match against Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble earlier this year, which was sponsored by Mountain Dew. 

Knight was once again involved in the sponsored match at SummerSlam, where he won the battle royal while gaining a huge ovation from the WWE Universe. The match featured some major names from AJ Styles and Sheamus to Karrion Kross and Omos, but it was Knight who outlasted everybody. 

Slim Jim was reportedly "ecstatic" to have Knight involved, which makes sense considering the popularity that he has right now. However, Knight was also involved in the major sponsored advert during the show as well which saw him and Bianca Belair eating the product to help showcase it. While Slim Jim might have been happy to have Knight as part of the proceedings, Belair was someone that the company specifically requested to be involved in the situation. 


There was also a segment involving Slim Jim during the kick-off show featuring the Alpha Academy, with WWE pushing Slim Jim heavily throughout the night. The partnership between Slim Jim and WWE is expected to continue moving forward at Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania 40.