AEW's Samoa Joe Says He Knew From His Time In WWE That Roman Reigns Would Be 'The One'

Roman Reigns is currently firing on all cylinders and is someone that fans love to hate, but his rise to the top has been a bumpy one in the eyes of the WWE Universe. While fans may not have always wanted him to be in this spot, AEW's Samoa Joe never had a doubt about the fact that Reigns could become such a major star.

Joe told Metro, "Just understand that a lot of what you see today, I saw back then and knew it was inevitable." 

The current ROH World Television Champion got the chance to compete against Reigns countless times during his stint with WWE, including several PPV bouts. That version of Reigns was very different from "The Tribal Chief" that has proven to be such a success, but from an in-ring perspective, Joe believed in him from that point. He saw something in him that perhaps many WWE fans didn't at the time, which has since become true.

Joe said, "That's the biggest thing that I can take away from Roman and being in the ring with him, I realized that, yep, this is gonna be the one." He added, "I knew it just took time, and him doing his thing, and then finally getting the opportunity to be something that he's more comfortable being. And there we go!"

Reigns has found a completely new groove since taking on his current character, with The Bloodline storyline being a long-lasting one that has seen him elevate his own game completely from both an in-ring and character-building point of view.