LA Knight Dismisses Comparisons To Other WWE Superstars

He's been compared to Dwayne "The Rock" and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. However, LA Knight is going to talk to you as his own man, firing back at those comparisons. 

Knight recently spoke on the "After the Bell" podcast and said he can't let his momentum stagnate and feels the need to continue on onward and upward. When Corey Graves asked Knight if he felt that he should enjoy the ride because it may end at a peak or a championship, the Superstar said he has no reason to feel that way.


"I've had that comparison made where people are like, 'Oh, you know, well this is kind of like this person when they got really popular, or this person when they got very popular.' And I don't mean to take anything away from them, but I don't think the comparisons fit. And the reason I say that is because everyone that they make those comparisons to, they had runs," Knight said. "They had runs as a champion. They had runs as, maybe they got to be a US Champion, an Intercontinental Champion, or whatever it was. And I've had none of that." 

Knight went on to say that he can't recall anyone who's been on the "SmackDown" roster for the short amount of time he has who's received the type of crowd reactions he's been getting. Furthermore, while he didn't want to sound arrogant, he explained that he's gotten himself over without a lot to do in terms of storylines.


MADE, Not Manufactured

Graves agreed with LA Knight and compared him to fans finding a band they like in high school before they are "cool." Knight agreed and said his momentum hasn't been manufactured.

"This hasn't been the machine. This has [been] straight-up ground swell, again, in such a short amount of time. And it was never told to the audience, 'This was the guy.' So with that being the case, I don't think you can make the comparisons to the other people," Knight said.


Knight's meteoric rise continues in WWE with his win in the Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal on Saturday, outlasting 24 other men. Even though the winner of the Battle Royal was never announced to receive anything, such as a title opportunity, Knight was confident when he spoke to media members after the event. He said he believes in himself, and that's why he's gotten so far. It was previously reported Knight is set for a main-event push, even prior to SummerSlam.