Logan Paul Recalls Vince McMahon Telling Him His Future Is In WWE

Logan Paul has recalled the conversation he had with Vince McMahon following his first match in WWE, and what the former WWE CEO envisioned for him in the company.

Paul recently spoke to journalist Stephen A. Smith on "The Stephen A. Smith Show, ahead of Saturday's SummerSlam show. The YouTuber said he didn't envisage a move to the WWE and revealed when he knew that he wanted to be a part of it in a bigger way. 

"I didn't see it coming either, Stephen A. Smith, I really didn't. I was invited to do a wrestling match, a tag team match against the Mysterios for WrestleMania, because I had kind of a working relationship with the WWE," said Paul. "I think halfway through this match, I hit a move that was kind of a spit in the face to the Mysterios, it was in reference to Eddie Guerrero. I was on top of the rope, about to jump off to do my first ever frog splash in the WWE — which is now kind of my move — and I hit this little Eddie Guerrero shimmy and the crowd goes crazy. But they're all boos, right?"

Paul's first match came at WrestleMania 38 in 2022, where he teamed with The Miz to face Rey and Dominik Mysterio in a tag team match. An elated Paul walked away victorious on his debut and had a surprise when he went backstage after the match.

Vince McMahon's reaction to Logan Paul's debut match

While the crowd booed his disrespectful move in the match against the Mysterios, those backstage — especially Vince McMahon — were thrilled by the crowd reaction that Logan Paul got that night at WrestleMania 38.

"And everyone backstage lights up, because you know in the WWE Universe, boos are fantastic. Boos are great, cheers are great. Silence is bad," said Paul. "And I ignite, like lit this crowd up, and I get backstage and I go to Vince McMahon and he says something to me like, 'Oh, your future is here.' And I think we all kind of realized at the same time I could do this, I like it, and I'm good at it."

Paul has proved his doubters wrong in a quick span of time, and wowed WWE fans once again at this past weekend's SummerSlam show. He is seemingly loving his time in WWE and is ready to continue to impress fans inside the squared circle.

"I'm in a multi-year contract with the WWE and I'm willing to put it all on the line every single match and I think the fans react to my performances," declared Paul.