Jim Ross Provides Health Update, Discusses AEW Return

Jim Ross returned to call the main event of last Saturday night's episode after taking a break from the promotion to recover from some health issues. On the latest episode of "Grilling JR," Ross revealed how happy he was to be back, and how good of an experience he had calling the action with Ian Riccaboni and Nigel McGuinness.

"It was great, it was absolutely great," Ross said. "You always wonder if you can maintain your timing, and how you're going to fit in with two new guys, Ian and Nigel. I had fun working with those two guys. They did a good job, they're prepared, they're unselfish, they listen. That's one of the key things about announcing, is listening to your partner or partners so you can connect the dots, not leave something hanging. I had fun. I had a good time. And the match that we had, CM Punk vs. Ricky Starks, with Steamboat, was excellent."

Ross' health issues aren't quite out of the woods yet, however. During the episode, he talked about the process he still needs to go through coming off his fall.

"I went to my first infectious disease doctor appointment on Monday," Ross said. "And he wants me to get an MRI, which I've got scheduled, and it'll be done next week, to make sure nothing has compromised my tibia, which is the ankle bone area. So I'm hoping, knocking on wood, that the bone is still clean."

Jim Ross Praises The Atmosphere Of AEW Collision

While Saturday's episode of "Collision" is only the second chance Ross has gotten to be around the show, he's very pleased with the feel it has, which he believes contrasts the one from "AEW Dynamite" on Wednesdays. Ross credited that to the roster that generally works "Collision," as well as the fact that there's a smaller amount of people working Saturdays compared to Wednesdays.

"The atmosphere at 'Collision,' in my opinion, is entirely different than the mindset and atmosphere at 'Dynamite,'" Ross said. "There's less people, less crew, less talent, so it's a lot calmer. I think the talents have more time to work their matches out, and it seems to be...it's just a different atmosphere I'm trying to say. 

"We've got a good crew. I think Punk and Tony Khan pretty much put that roster together, and I like it. We've got some good talents, they're motivated, they like the ownership of that show, and the fact that they can make a difference. And I think that's cool. I'm looking forward to it again. I enjoy being around the talent."

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