Former WCW TV Director Hated Working With Hulk Hogan, Thinks He's A 'Terrible Person'

Over the years, Hulk Hogan has become a lightning rod for scandal and controversy, dating back to his WCW days and even before. Appearing on "The Insiders" for AdFreeShows, former WCW TV director Dan Bynum was asked why he departed WCW in 1995, and Bynum pointed the finger at Hogan.

"When [Hogan] came in, he and I did not hit it off, let's say," Bynum said. "To me, he's a narcissist-personality-disordered sociopath, and a terrible person to have to be around. He's a shoot heel, as far as I'm concerned, and he made me not want to be in wrestling anymore." After revealing that it was Hogan that made him leave the industry, Bynum then detailed the first time he met the wrestling star.

"We were shooting promos at Center Stage, and it was a two-camera shoot, and I had a wide shot," Bynum continued. "It was [Hogan] and I think Jimmy Hart was his manager, and Jim Ross was probably interviewing him. So I had the three-shot of them, and Jim goes to Jimmy to do his promo, and I cut to a shot of Jimmy, and then all of a sudden, somebody's screaming, 'Cut! Cut! Cut!' And then Hulk, into the camera — he said, 'You never take a camera off the Hulkster, and you never cut too close to [not] see the pythons.'"

After that first shoot, things were never good between Bynum and Hogan. The WCW director also offered a critique of Hogan's approach to wrestling at the time, stating that Hogan wanted to be a heel without ever wanting to put a babyface over, forcing all the other big stars to become heels as well. Along with his disdain for Hogan, the lack of a "morality play" in wrestling was another factor that drove Bynum away from the business.