Tommaso Ciampa Shares Video Segments Teasing Johnny Gargano Reunion Ahead Of WWE Raw

Chelsea Green's tag partner Sonya Deville is currently out with a torn ACL, and it's left the WWE Women's Tag Team Champion looking for another partner. In a new video on Twitter, Green can be seen asking Tommaso Ciampa if he'd like to be her tag partner, which sent Ciampa spiraling into memories of his former tag partner and on-screen best friend Johnny Gargano. Green flippantly tells Ciampa to put up "missing" signs to find his lost friend.


In another video on Twitter, having had his Proustian revelation from Green's request, Ciampa can be seen putting up missing posters all around the arena. During this, Ciampa runs into Matt Riddle, who can't help Ciampa find Gargano but does mention that he misses his bro, Randy Orton. Ciampa and Riddle then go back and forth, lamenting "Johnny" and "Randy" respectively.

Gargano has been away from TV since suffering a shoulder injury, but reportedly has recovered and is simply waiting for the right time to return to WWE programming. There is still no word on when Riddle's injured former tag team partner Randy Orton will be back, as he's still recovering from a serious back injury.