Jeff Jarrett Reveals 'One Of The Single Most Selfish Things You Can Do' In Wrestling

There are many elements that separate TV wrestling from performing in front of a live crowd only, and a great deal of those differences have to do with timing and cues. Speaking to co-host Conrad Thompson on his podcast, "My World," AEW star and Director of Business Development Jeff Jarrett shared what he believes is one of the cardinal sins of televised professional wrestling.


"As far as guys going over on time, Conrad, oh boy — don't get me started," Jarrett said. "I think it's one of the single most selfish things you can do. Now look, thirty seconds here and a minute there or a minute and a half, ... I get it, but when you get into three, and four, and five minutes long, it's just selfish. There's no middle ground there because you're deliberately saying, 'I'm gonna get my time in. Screw the rest of the world. And oh, by the way, I made a mistake, so I'm gonna make y'all pay for my mistake, I'm not paying for it. Because I didn't hit my marks.'"

Few people on the planet have as much experience in professional wrestling TV production as Jarrett. Over the years, the third-generation wrestler has worked for WWE, WCW, AEW, and even helped start up TNA alongside his father, the late Jerry Jarrett. Jarrett joined AEW in November 2022, becoming a regular part of the company's programming as well as taking on a major backstage role.


This week on "AEW Dynamite," Jarrett is scheduled to face Jeff Hardy in a Texas Chain Saw Massacre Deathmatch – the first of its kind. The match is a tie-in with Warner Bros. Discovery, similar to AEW's Shark Week integration or the promotion the company did around the premiere of "House of the Dragon" last year.