More Details, Rumors & Speculation Continue To Pour In About CM Punk, Adam Page & AEW

It was previously reported that CM Punk apologized to "Hangman" Adam Page for the comments he made about him after "AEW Collision" went off the air this past Saturday night. Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer discussed the situation on the "Wrestling Observer Radio" show, with Alvarez confirming that Punk did send an apology to Page via text message. Alvarez disclosed that the information was confirmed by both sides.


Regarding Punk's latest shots at Page, Meltzer said the story he got from people defending Punk was that it was "an attempt to do a comedy line that backfired."

Meanwhile, it was reported that Page was not able to be at the "Collision" taping on Saturday night, despite being in town to do a pre-taped backstage interview. It's said that he had to film his segment at a different location, with rumors suggesting that it was a call made by Punk. Christopher Daniels and Ryan Nemeth — who Punk allegedly confronted backstage in June regarding a social media post – were also reportedly told to leave the arena ahead of "Collision" at the request of Punk. Alvarez provided an update on the Punk-Page situation.


"I did hear from people that said that they would not be surprised if, in fact, because of what happened earlier with Ryan Nemeth, it was in fact management's call, or Tony Khan's call, not to have 'Hangman' come to the building after what happened to Ryan Nemeth," Alvarez said. "I did talk to people who believe that actually could be true, that Punk had nothing to do with it, and that that decision was made because of what had happened with Nemeth." 

Meltzer said that "everyone" is agreeing that Punk did get Daniels removed from the "Collision" taping, with Punk allegedly believing that if Ace Steel, who is his close friend and a producer at AEW, isn't able to attend the shows, then Daniels, who is Head of Talent Relations at AEW, shouldn't be allowed to attend either. It's said that Steel and Daniels were involved in the alleged post-AEW All Out 2022 locker room skirmish involving Punk and The Elite.

Meltzer stated that others who are not connected to either side are "frustrated" because occurrences keep happening.

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