Dave Meltzer Weighs In On Motivation Behind AEW Collision Moves Regarding CM Punk

CM Punk has been an integral part of "AEW Collision" since the show premiered on June 17. However, the Chicago-born wrestler has been in the headlines recently for taking more shots at "Hangman" Adam Page and allegedly having certain AEW personnel removed from the arena at the latest "Collision" taping. Longtime wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer explained AEW's position regarding the recently reported "Collision" activity involving Punk.


"They [AEW] are doing everything they can to keep him happy," Meltzer said on the "Wrestling Observer Radio" show. "Because when you are a draw in this business — and they feel he is indispensable or close to indispensable, because they allow him to do this because they are trying to launch this show ["Collision"] on Saturday. 

"And the feeling is, obviously, that having him is more important than having a situation where the Head of Talent Relations can go to a show. [AEW Head of Talent Relations Christopher Daniels was reportedly told to leave the latest "Collision" taping at Punk's request.]

"They feel that it's more important to keep CM Punk happy because of the attempt to launch on Saturday."


'they clearly believe that he needs to be on the Saturday show'

"The top draws will always have that power, and it's a unique situation because of the feeling that they're trying to get this big, giant television deal.

"And the Saturday shows are very, very important, and they clearly believe that he needs to be on the Saturday show or there is a great chance that the show will do lower numbers and, in the long run, those lower numbers will mean less money when they do the new [TV] contract renewal at the expense of the locker room and everything else. So that's the basic situation."


Meanwhile, Meltzer suggested that something else happened between Punk and Ryan Nemeth — who was also reportedly removed from Saturday's "Collision" taping at the request of Punk – outside of their alleged backstage confrontation in June. Additionally, Meltzer said that Punk has the "power" — although it's not written — to kick people out of events and that AEW CEO Tony Khan gave him that ability.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Wrestling Observer Radio" with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.