RVD Addresses His Doubters After Debut AEW Dynamite Match

It was the whole effing show last week for one Rob Van Dam, who wrestled Jack Perry for the FTW Championship on "AEW Dynamite," in a match that received decent praise from fans, particularly toward RVD's performance. The former ECW, WWE, and Impact Wrestling star talked about the match on the latest episode of the "1 Of A Kind" podcast, revealing that he had a good time at the show and calling it a great night. He also took the opportunity to dunk on some people that doubted he could still go heading into the match, or that he would be injured coming out of it.


"I got close to four hours of sleep, a little under, then I went to the airport and I flew home, had a s****y travel day because of delayed flights, and then got back last night," RVD said. "Guess what; I feel great, just like I normally do. Perception is reality, so for the people that don't believe that and want to think that I'm all jacked up or anything that they said or thought or whatever, then you guys are idiots."

As for his opponent, RVD revealed he came away very impressed with Perry, though he was still sore about Perry cheating to beat him to retain the title. He also revealed this wasn't the first time he and The Artist Formerly Known as Jungle Boy had crossed paths.

Rob Van Dam Praises 'AEW Dynamite' Opponent Jack Perry

RVD was impressed with Jack Perry's performance, and he noted how far the rising star has come. During the episode, he recalled seeing Perry in action before they crossed paths in AEW.

"I thought he was really good," RVD said. "I thought he was...you know, I saw him when he was training...When I lived in LA, Katie [Forbes] would train at this wrestling school in LA called Santino Brothers. Sometimes I would go there with her, mostly just stretch...and Jungle Boy was there. So he was training and stuff, so obviously he's come a long way since then.


"But yeah, he's comfortable out there, smooth, timing, relaxed, boom. He cheated bro, what do you want me to say? But also, I met him when he was a little kid when I met his dad. Luke [Perry] was a wrestling fan, so when we were at the Staples Center, it was probably 2001, I remember meeting Luke Perry and his little kid."

As for what everyone backstage thought, RVD indicated he received praise from just about everyone in the AEW locker room, with his wife, Katie Forbes, noting to him that everyone had been popping as the match went on. Most importantly, though, RVD's performance was enjoyed by AEW owner Tony Khan.

"He was very thankful, very thankful," RVD said. "He loved the match. He said it was awesome, it was awesome having me there."


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