Chelsea Green Implies Piper Niven May Not Be WWE Women's Tag Champ (But Not To Her Face)

Chelsea Green is one-half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, but with Sonya Deville recovering from a torn ACL, the other half seems to be up in the air.

On the latest episode of "WWE's The Bump," Green said that the woman she found on "WWE Raw," Piper Niven, is a temporary fix to her lack of a tag partner. She talked quite hesitantly about her new partner and said that she would need to talk to one of WWE's authority figures about whether Niven is actually one-half of the champions. 


The former Impact Knockouts Champion happened to change her tune when Niven suddenly joined the program moments later, calling in to the show from the front seat of her car.

"We're gonna make it work, we're gonna thrive," Green said, suddenly optimistic about her partner after Niven gruffly said that Green had no idea what she was doing and that she was here to carry the championship team. "Maybe Piper will join me to be one of the most illustrious WWE champions of all time," she chuckled nervously.

Green and Deville won the titles on "Raw" last month, defeating Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez to win it. Prior to Green and Niven teaming up, Green had planned to hold auditions for her new tag partner, but Niven inserted herself into the conversation, all but forcing herself into the tandem with Green. 


There is no word on how long Sonya Deville is expected to be out of action.