Heels Season 2 Episode 4 Recap/spoilers: Heavy Heads

"Heels" Season 2, Episode 3 gave viewers some brief respite from the fallout that's beleaguered Jack (Stephen Amell) and Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig) in recent weeks. After starting the new season at odds with each other, the brothers had a heart-to-heart and made amends. The timing couldn't have been better either, as Jack has bigger problems to deal with.


Gully (Mike O'Malley) is going to sue the Duffy Wrestling League owner unless he agrees to do a cross-promotional event with Flordia Wrestling Dystopia, but will Jack's stubbornness allow him to take the deal? That remains to be seen, but he did tell Gully to shove his olive branch where the sun doesn't shine in last week's episode, so don't be surprised if he makes matters worse.

Fortunately, Jack has Staci (Alison Luff) to support him as well. The spouses made up after Jack apologized for putting the DWL first. That said, it'll be interesting to see if he can concentrate on his duties as a husband and father now that the DWL is engulfed in drama with Gully and the FWD. With that in mind, let's find out what happens on "Heels" Season 2, Episode 4, "Heavy Heads."


Say hello to El Dorado

Jack and Gully have never seen eye to eye, so it's understandable why the former is reluctant to work with the rival promoter. Being that she's always the voice of reason, though, Staci suggests that Jack should apologize to Gully and appeal to his human side. That way, Gully might forgive Jack for humiliating him, drop the lawsuit, and forget about the event. Then again, this is Gully we're talking about — a man who's yet to show a shred of human decency.


Elsewhere, Jack offers Ace another chance to run the DWL with him. However, Ace says that he needs to find a new calling, and that means putting wrestling in the rearview mirror for the time being. Jack respects his decision, and the offer will always be on the table if Ace ever changes his mind.

Last week's episode also saw Willie Day (Mary McCormack) and Crystal Tyler (Kelli Berglund) suggest introducing a women's division to the DWL. Those plans now seem to be materializing as El Dorado has joined the roster, marking the "Heels" debut of CM Punk's real-life wife AJ Mendez. Mendez's first appearance also sees her character train with Punk's Ricky Rabies, and Crystal is intimidated by Dorado's superior in-ring skills.


Jack, meanwhile, takes Staci's advice and apologizes to Gully, but the FWD promoter doesn't care as he believes Jack punched "God" in front of his people. Jack then argues that the event won't work as the FWD is a deathmatch promotion while the DWL caters to fans of storytelling. However, Gully retorts by saying it's a one-time-only event, and that they owe it to the fans to follow up on the real-life drama they've created. Jack doesn't necessarily disagree.

Willie is hiding something

On "Heels" Season 2, Episode 2, Willie receives some calls from people demanding money. This storyline picks up in "Heavy Heads" as she lifts cash from the DWL's office safe, but who is it for? Willie appears to be acting on her own accord, and her secrecy is bound to lead to more headaches for the South Georgian indie fed.


While we're on the topic of potential problems for the DWL, "Wild" Bill Hancock (Chris Bauer) and Diego Cottonmouth (Robby Ramos) are still doing their podcast. Fortunately, they aren't trashing rival promotions and attracting lawsuits this time around, but they do plan on attending a convention that features Bill's old friends.

We then return to Willie, who wakes up on the floor after passing out drunk. Her husband tells her that he just left her there. He's already made it clear that he's unhappy with the amount of time she spends away from home, and this incident probably won't alleviate his growing concerns about her.

Back in the DWL locker room, Jack tells the roster about the show with the FWD. Afterward, he and the other stars of the backwater promotion call out Gully and his wrestlers on top of an army tank. Jack's promo catches the attention of the FWD's top star, Rooster (Allen Maldonado), who asks the DWL owner to write him some good material for the upcoming show. Rooster also reveals that he wishes Jack wrote good promos for him when he was still part of the DWL.


Later on, a county representative shows up looking for Willie, presumably to collect the money that was taken from the safe earlier on. Meanwhile, Bill and Diego attend the convention, which leads to an interesting exchange with a fan who wants to discuss genitalia.

No one can leave the business

Ace and Thomas (Roxton Garcia) have had their fair share of troubles lately, so they decide to have some uncle-nephew time. The pair go for slushies, which brings Ace into contact with his ex-lover, Crystal. He tells her that he saw her wrestling videos and she asks him to call his old DWL friends as they'd love to see him. However, Ace isn't ready for people to know that he's back in Duffy.


After Ace has spoken to Crystal, he finds Thomas crying outside the gas station. The kid picked up Ace's deceased father's old crown and dropped it, only for the prop to be destroyed by a car. Ace forgives Thomas and tells the child about his grandfather before giving him a confidence boost. Thomas wants to be a wrestler, but he fears that he'll grow up to be too small. Ace says that anyone can be a wrestler and proceeds to lock up with his nephew. This proves to be a revelatory moment for Ace, too, as he returns to the DWL headquarters and starts taking some bumps in the ring. Maybe he isn't ready to turn his back on the wrestling business, after all.

One person who can't hang up his boots is "Wild" Bill, and this becomes clear when he interviews some of his old wrestler friends for the podcast. They inform the hard-partying Bill that their rowdy days are behind them, noting that they've managed to build lives away from the squared circle. Bill, meanwhile, has lost the part of himself that's capable of stepping away from the business. Naturally, Bill isn't happy with the criticisms, so he calls them "p***ies" and drinks their booze.


An old flame visits Crystal

El Dorado might be the DWL's shiny new star, but she's a wrestler who understands the wear and tear of the industry. During a conversation with Crystal, she reveals that she needs to take dozens of pills for her knees, shoulder, and back because she can no longer afford health insurance. The upside, though, is that this exchange becomes a bonding moment for the stars of the DWL's burgeoning women's division, and Crystal comes out of it feeling less worried about losing her spot.


It's not all positive exchanges in the locker room, though. Rooster isn't happy with the promo Jack wrote for him; he says that Jack gets to fight for the soul of America, while he's forced to work with basic material. Rooster calls Jack "King Turtle" and explains that he didn't want to leave the DWL, but he wasn't willing to be overshadowed by the boss.

Elsewhere, Ace visits Crystal at her home. While nothing happens between the former lovers, Crystal's new boyfriend, Bobby Pin (Trey Tucker), shows up while she's cleaning up after Ace's visit. Crystal tells Bobby that Ace is back in town, and he bottles up his concerns.

We then return to Jack, who has taken Rooster's criticisms on board. He's also written a spicy promo for the former DWL star that will allow him to sink his teeth into meaty material and generate hype for the upcoming cross-company event.


The Condamned is here to save the DWL

It's time for the next DWL show, which features an appearance from the feral fan-favorite Ricky Rabies. However, the big match on the card is Crystal vs. El Dorado, which launches the company's new women's division. Prior to the match, it's announced that the bout will be for the DWL Women's Championship. In the end, Crystal overcomes her opponent and manages to execute an impressive maneuver in the process.


The backstage environment isn't as positive, however, as Staci spots Willie handing money over to the county representative who was looking for her earlier. Jack's wife now knows that something fishy is happening, and it will be interesting to see how she handles the situation.

Finally, Rooster appears toward the end of the DWL show and shoots on the promotion. He hasn't come alone, though, as a group of invaders from Florida Wrestling Dystopia make their way to the ring. However, the hostile invasion is interrupted by a mysterious figure in a black hood who clears the ring and says, "I come to you a damned soul in search of redemption. I will break free. I will not stop until my redemption is obtained. I, The Condamned." Ace has a new gimmick, and it's very reminiscent of Sting's dark vigilante moniker in '90s WCW.