Konnan Explains Why CM Punk And Bryan Danielson Are Not Flops In AEW

AAA booker Konnan has acknowledged CM Punk and Bryan Danielson's impact in AEW but disagrees that they're comparable with Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan's run in WCW.

Konnan, on a bonus edition of "K100," answered a fan who asked if he thinks CM Punk and Bryan Danielson have flopped in AEW, as well as addressed Punk's past comments where he compared the signature of Adam Cole and Danielson to the debut of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in WCW.


"He was obviously wrong there," said Konnan about CM Punk comparing Danielson and Cole's debuts to that of The Outsiders in WCW. "I wouldn't say they [Punk and Danielson] are a flop because whatever success they've had for a company, some of it is definitely attributable to those two, especially this guy [Punk] has proven to be a draw. I think he's the guy that got them their first million-dollar gate was Punk."

Konnan highlighted the influence Danielson could have on the AEW locker room, thanks to his experience and knowledge of the pro wrestling business. 

"To me, Danielson is like — remember when Bret Hart wanted to be an agent — having Danielson in the dressing room brings up everything because he's knowledgable and respected by his generation and this generation. So they're both win-wins," explained Konnan. "But, you know, they spoke too soon about the Hall, Nash, and Hogan comparison."


In 2021 Punk opined that the debuts of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson in AEW were bigger than that of The Outsiders, the duo of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, debuting in WCW.  Punk doubled down on his comments sometime last year and stated that the impact of Cole and Danielson's debut would be felt in a few years. Both stars — who were previously with WWE — made their debut at All Out in 2021, featuring in the closing segment of the show.