Booker T Weighs In On The Idea Of Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Edge Working For AEW

Edge may have wrestled his last match in WWE, as his recent showdown with Sheamus on "WWE SmackDown" was his last contracted bout. Furthermore, with his WWE contract set to expire in September, there have been rumblings about him leaving the company and joining AEW. However, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T doesn't see "The Rated R Superstar" joining the rival promotion any time soon.


Speaking on the latest edition of his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker explained why he thinks Edge will resist the allure of Tony Khan's big-spending promotion.

"If Edge was to go and pick up another big check from Tony Khan to do nothing, that would be a pretty good deal, right? I think Edge had unfinished business. He left totally untimely [when he retired in 2011], not to his likings, and everything like that... I think Edge wanted to come back and finish it in WWE. I think he's done that. I don't think Edge is going to AEW."

Booker went on to say that he believes Edge has maxed out his "bump card." Now that he's approaching 50 years old, Booker thinks that the "Rated R Superstar" is ready to hang up his boots and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Of course, this is the wrestling business, where the old "never say never" adage rings true more often than not.


As of this writing, Edge hasn't ruled out the prospect of wrestling again. He said that he needs time to process his thoughts following his match with Sheamus on last week's "WWE SmackDown." Furthermore, it's been reported that AEW is interested in recruiting Edge, and he was tempted to join that promotion before he returned to WWE in 2020.

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