AJ Styles Discusses Effect Jeremy Borash Has Had On Career In WCW, WWE, & Impact

AJ Styles has recognized the impact Jeremy Borash, WWE's Senior Director of Content and Development, has had on his long pro wrestling career. 

Styles and Borash worked together both in WCW and TNA, and the former WWE Champion has revealed that Borash played a major role in him getting his first match in WCW.


"I remember them coming down to a place where I worked in Georgia, it was Wildside, wrestling down there, and them getting me an opportunity to have a dark match on WCW to hopefully get a job. And I did," said Styles in his recent interview with "Metro."

"The Phenomenal One" believes that Borash also had a part to play in his being signed to TNA, back in 2002, where he had a legendary career. In the same interview, Styles said that he was pleased to see his friend's success and called him a "great guy to work for." 

"When I was down in the Performance Center getting evaluated, I hung out with Jeremy Borash. So, it was really good getting to be around him, seeing what he's doing and how well he's doing," he added.


Borash was one of the first employees in TNA, and in his 16-year stint with the company, he had many roles, which included play-by-play announcing, ring announcing, and director of social media, while he was also involved in a few storylines.

He moved to WWE in 2018, where he is involved with NXT and is also an important member of Triple H's team, which was revealed by Kevin Nash a few months ago. Borash directed the highly-acclaimed final match of The Undertaker against Styles, while he also shot vignettes of Cody Rhodes when "The American Nightmare" was on the road to recovery from surgery.